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Brookville Starter Kits

Get A Fast Start With One Of Our Body & Chassis Kits


FromThe Dream

ToThe Reality?

So you’re ready to start on the dream project you’ve

been wanting forever. Now you have to make some se-

rious decisions about how to achieve your goals. You

could go the old fashion route with an old, rusted, beat-

up and overpriced original body - if you can find one.

Then you’ll need to build a new chassis because any

original just won’t hold the performance you’ll want. This

is the way many rodders did it for decades because

there weren't many alternatives. Yes, you could go

with a fiberglass body. But steel is real. And real steel

has been part of the dream all along, right?

Brookville has the perfect time and labor saving solution

to getting you on the road more quickly. We have com-

bined our most popular genuine All Steel


bodies with

our super strong and well engineered chassis kits into

several “Starter Kits”. These kits give you all the major

components you’ll need to get the car going together

with proven results. Brookville has been building turn key

cars for promotion and customers for many years. Our

founders have been building classics and street rods for

more than forty years and know what makes a sound,

safe and fun car. Our Starter Kits also offer you a sub-

stantial cost savings over buying parts and pieces here

and there.

Look over the kit pages then use the work sheets in the body and chassis pages to fine tune

your plan. After you have decided on a Star ter Kit model and carefully considered the

options, give our tech reps a call to discuss additional details in full. You’ll be on your way!

Street Rodder Magazine Editor,

Brian Brennan’s “Magoo Inspired”

Hi-Boy. Built by Dean Livermore

of Hot Rods by Dean Using A

Brookville All Steel ‘29 Body

Start Your Project With One Of These Kits!

• 1928-29 Full Fender Roadster -

See Page 8

• 1930-31 Full Fender Roadster -

See Page 8

• 1928-29 Hi-Boy Roadster -

See Page 11

• 1930-31 Hi-Boy Roadster -

See Page 11

• 1928-29 Roadster Pickup -

See Page 9

• 1930-31 Roadster Pickup -

See Page 9

• 1928-29 Hi-Boy

Extended Cab Roadster Pickup


See Page 10

• 1930-31 Hi-Boy

Extended Cab Roadster Pickup


See Page 10

• 1932 Hi-Boy Roadster -

See Page 60

• 1932 Full-Fender Roadster -

See Page 60

• 1932 Lakester Roadster -

See Page 61

• 1932 Hi-Boy Roadster Pickup -

See Page 62

• 1932 Full-Fender Roadster Pickup Kit -

See Page 62

• 1932 Closed Cab Pickup Bed & Fender Kit -

See Page 59

• 1932 Hi-Boy 3-Window Coupe -

See Page 86

• 1932 Full Fender 3-Window Coupe -

See Page 86