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The All-Steel





A note of thanks to all of our great customers and

friends who expressed their condolences for the

passing of our founder, Ray Gollahon.

Ray’s vision and skills made a major contri-

bution to, and raised the quality standards of, the

antique auto and street rod hobbies throughout his

life. His hard earned knowledge and mechanical

skills gave Brookville Roadster a firm foundation

to build on for many years to come. His kindness

and loyalty to his friends, employees, customers

and family will continue to set the tone for all of

us here at Brookville Roadster. Thanks for your

continued support and confidence.

Don’t miss attending our annual summer open

house event! Date and times information is on our

website. RSVP on Facebook. Pre-Register your Ride

and Receive a Free Tee Shirt. The “Ray Award” will

be presented to the best steel bodied Model-A or ‘32.

which incorporate a roadster style fuel

tank and 3 Window rear frame horn

covers with a custom chrome spreader

bar. Check them out on page 59.

Our company story is a group effort.

We are proud to have a talented and

loyal team of craftsmen that under-

stand the mission of our company.

Some of our team have been with us

for over 25 years. Our sheet metal

foreman joined the company as his

very first job and has been with us for

over 30 years.

This is not work for amateurs. The

products are complicated, the accu-

racy is critical and the machinery can

be unforgiving. Our team delivers their

best and we are happy to be able to

say “Made With Pride In America”.



The Year. Then again in 2006 the

Three Window received our second

NSRA Best New Product of The Year,

plus the Goodguys 2006

Product of The Year and

Hot Rod & Restoration

Magazine’s 2006

Product of The Year!

Our newest creations include a

full fendered version of our ‘32 Ford

Roadster Pickup, a fender and bed

package to build a ‘32 Ford closed cab

truck (seen on page 59), and we have

become exclusive Eastern U.S. distrib-

utors for some cool Australian-made

‘28-’29 Ford closed cab truck bodies

(see page 23). To make our full fend-

ered packages easy to finish and more

stylish, we have engineered com-

pletely new pick up beds and fenders

piece stamping of each entire side of

the coupe body. This assured that

each car would have the exact same

door clearances and would greatly

strengthen the body structure during

final assembly and finishing. The

process is modern but the resulting

body is accurate right down to the

bracing, wood and that complicated

door latch we mentioned earlier.

We like to believe our ‘32 Three Win-

dow is the Deuce Henry would have

built if he’d had more time. Ford

produced over 700 cars each day in

1932! A remarkable achievement for

the time. To meet today’s quality

requirements, we invest over 100

man-hours in hand finishing each

Brookville coupe, even after all the

stamping, forging, machining and trim-

ming are completed. We think the re-

sults speak for themselves. Our 1932

Three Window Coupe was crowned

the 2005 SEMA Best New Product of

Continued -