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get price at the expense of thorough

engineering and manufacturing princi-

ples. Brookville started with, and has

always produced, only the most origi-

nal, most authentic, and most accu-

rate body possible in the belief that

the details and lines from the past are

the reason these cars have remained

popular for over eighty years.

In 2004, we took our next giant leap.

Beyond the iconic ‘32 roadster, the

handsome ‘32 Three-Window coupe is

one of the most popular cars ever pro-

duced. Originals are more rare today

than roadsters and for everyday cruis-

ing or long distance tours, the Three

Wi ndow ma ke s g r ea t s en s e . Bu t

manufacturing this car would be our

greatest challenge yet. Many more en-

gineering issues appear with a closed

car and we know modern rodders ex-

pect twenty-first century fit and finish

in their cars. The first step was to

completely digitally scan one of our

own well preserved original cars

using state-of-the-ar t OEM quality

digitizing equipment.

This level of accuracy uncovered the

inconsistencies in even the highly

prized original cars. To manufacture

the best possible reproduction body,

the variables needed to be eliminated

and soon the solution was clear. We

then decided to create a huge one-

Before Brookville, the only choices for

street rod bodies were original sur-

vivors, with all their years of wear and

tear, or fiberglass reproductions. It

has been argued that the rodding

hobby would not be where it is today

without the fiberglass option. The

costs to tool-up for a fiberglass body

is a fraction of that to manufacture a

full steel structure and the relative

ease of finish-out made them an at-

tractive alternative. Today, due to ris-

ing material costs, fiberglass is not

that much lower in cost than a steel

reproduction body. Plus, the retained

value of steel bodied cars has now

proven to far exceed the initial invest-

ment difference. And now, after many

years on our own, there are others

trying the steel body business with

varying results.

However, there are clear differences

in those offerings. Some have “en-

hanced” or representative body lines

and contours. And some others make

changes targeted at buyers used to

OEM driving. And naturally, some tar-

Every Part Our ‘32

Three Window Door

Latch Assembly Is

Precision Made In

Our Own Shops