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Real Steel Made In America For Over 40 Years


It is a testament to the quality of

the products and the foresight of the

founders that after forty years not

one part number or product pro-

duced has ever been discontinued.

The goal all along has been to main-

tain control over every possible step

in the manufacturing process.

Steady investments in the kind of

machinery, technology and skilled

craftsmen required to produce these

components has resulted in un-

matched manufacturing capabilities

and award winning product quality.

Our own reproduction 1932 Ford

Three Window door latch you can

see on the next page is an excellent

example of just how far we can go to

produce the most accurate compo-

nents for our customers. Virtually

every part of this complicated yet

reliable latch system must be made

by our crew. Over twenty individual

pieces must be machined, stamped

or turned to the original specs be-

cause they simply no longer exist

from any supplier. This latch set is

representative of every part we man-

ufacture. Each panel, door, deck lid

and fender is equal to or superior

and will interchange with the orig-

inal parts they are replacing.

How good are they? We won’t

name names, but cars featuring

Antique Auto Sheet Metal and

Brookville bodies and parts have

won their categories at the Amelia

Island Concourse and The Model A

Club of America! We had to finally

confess in the latter case because

it was just to prove the point.

After more than twenty years of

continued customer loyalty we had

another great idea. Since we already

had all the separate components to

repair any Model A roadster and road-

ster pickup, why not complete re-

placement bodies? Thus, Brookville

Roadster, Inc. was born. Starting

with what we knew best, we first in-

troduced our 1928-29 Model A road-

ster and the 1928-29 roadster pick-up

complete bodies in 1982. Soon after

came the 1930-31 bodies and then

our exclusive extended cab versions

of the roadster pick-ups. The Model A

continues to be a major part of our

business and has remained popular

with restorers and rodders alike. In

fact, Street Rodder Magaz i ne ’s

The Brookville Team Of Real American Steel

Workers, Fabricators And Office Staff

Ed i t o r I n Ch i e f , Br i an Br ennan

recently built a beautiful red ‘29 road-

ster which you can see on page 7 of

this catalog.

In 1995, we turned our attention to

the grandaddy of all hot rodding,

t he l egendary 1932 Deuce Road-

ster. Perhaps no other car in Ameri-

can history has meant so much to

performance enthusiasts since the

day it was first produced. The beau-

tiful lines and rodding legacy are

etched into the minds of rodders of

all ages. In producing this body, we

knew the stakes were high.

Over the two year research and de-

velopment we studied original cars,

consulted original blueprints and

talked with everyone who could

help us produce the most perfect

reproduction body possible . In

1997 , a l l o f our e f for t s were re -

warded with the National Street Rod

Association’s “Best New Product of

The Year” award. And more impor-

tantly, the Brookville ‘32 Roadster

has been in constant demand by the

country’s most respected street rod

builders since its introduction.

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