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AB-502-C Engine Mounting Kit (round biscuit style- specify Ford, Chevy, or Flathead) $95.00 set

AB-504-C Transmission Mount (cradle style - specify trans type)

$125.00 ea

AB-506-CF Front Parallel 4 Link Cross Steer (brackets only)

$65.00 pr

AB-508-CF Vega Steering Bracket with Gusset

$49.00 ea

AB-510-CF Front Panhard Frame (bracket only)

$45.00 ea

AB-512-CF Front Weld-On Shock Brackets

$49.00 pr

AB-513-FSKP Weld-On/Bolt-On Full Fender Plain Front Shock Kit

$160.00 kit

AB-513-FSKPSS Weld-On/Bolt-On Full Fender Stainless Front Shock Kit

$200.00 kit

AB-513-FSKHBP Weld-On/Bolt-On Hi-Boy Plain Front Shock Kit

$180.00 kit

AB-513-FSKHBSS Weld-On/Bolt-On Hi-Boy Stainless Front Shock Kit

$220.00 kit

AB-514-CR Rear Parallel 4 Link (brackets only)

$65.00 pr

AB-516-CR Rear Upper Coil-Over Shock Mounts

$69.00 pr

AB-518-CR Rear Panhard Frame Bracket

$23.00 ea

AB-520-C Brake Pedal and Bracket

$140.00 ea

AB-521-CD Dual Clutch and Brake Pedal with Bracket

$175.00 ea

AB-522-C Rear Parallel Axle Brackets

(For welding to rear end housing)

$140.00 pr


28-31 Body to Frame Bolt Kit

$8.00 kit


Body to Frame Webbing


Model A Front Crossmember

AB-576-CF Stamped 3/16” Steel Drops A Front End 3/8”

Accepts Walker Radiator Mounting Bolts

$85.00 ea

Model A Front Frame Horns

A-158-AB Weld On Replacement Front Frame Horns

$59.00 pr

Model A Saddle Type Fuel Tanks

AF-120-A 28-29 Complete Saddle Tank Kit

$430.00 pr

AF-120-B 30-31 Complete Saddle Tank Kit

$430.00 pr

Aluminum Saddle Tank Heat Shields

Mount on the Inside of the Frame and Protect Tanks from Exhaust Heat. Look Great Too.

AF-578-AB 28-31 Aluminum Shields Natural Finish

$95.00 pr

AF-578-ABP 28-31 Aluminum Shields Polished Finish

$115.00 pr

See Page 14 For

Complete Model A

Chassis Kits

1928-31 Stock Type Model A Frame

Engine Mounting Kit

Vega Steering


Front Weld-On

Shock Bracket

Model A Front


Model A Front

Frame Horns

Model A Ford Frame Brackets

After building so many street rod chassis, we’ve learned which brackets are necessary. If you prefer

to assemble your own chassis just order your new perimeter frame with any of the brackets you need.

Model A Ford Perimeter Frame:


• 2x4 Seamless Tube with 1/8” Wall

• Front and Rear Crossmember

• 4 Corner Gussets

• Center Support Crossmember

• Cowl & Hood Brackets

• CNC Laser Cut Body Mount, Running Board Brace and Cowl Mount Holes

AB-500-C 1928-31 Perimeter Frame $750.00

AB-500-C2 1928-31 Perimeter Frame with 2” Kickup $825.00

AB-500-CMC 1928-31 Perimeter Frame with model A Rear Crossmember $1050.00

Pallet Charge For Shipping

144” x 48” for bare frame & unassembled chassis


Model A Ford Frame with Brackets:


• Perimeter Frame as Above

• Engine Mounting Kit

• Transmission Mount

• Front 4 Link Mounts

• Vega Steering Mount

• Front Weld On Shock Mounts

• Front Panhard Bar Mount

• Rear Parallel 4 Link Mounts

• Rear Panhard Bar Mount

• Rear Upper Coil-Over Mounts

• Brake Pedal & Bracket

1013-C 1928-31 Fully Bracketed Frame $1,550.00

1013-C2 1928-31 Fully Bracketed Frame with 2” Kickup $1650.00

1013-CMC 1928-31 Fully Bracketed Perimeter Frame with model A Rear Crossmember $1850.00

Pallet Charge For Shipping

144” x 48” for bare frame & unassembled chassis


Aluminum Saddle

Tank Shields

Saddle Tank




Model A Frame Frames

2" Kickup

Frame Shown

2" Kickup

Frame Shown

NOTE: Frames Require A

Deposit To Begin Fabrication.

Any Order Cancelled

For Any Reason Will

Forfeit This Deposit.